Innovate or die, period.

Maybe you heeded the warnings and your legacy industry had a chance to get in front of the future and all its changes. Maybe not. If you didn't, you've got a lot of company. Meanwhile,  the future happened - and that chill you're feeling is the whole damn world and every market in it reorganizing under your feet.

Right now is when the oldest rules of your business are forever changing -- not soon, not one day -- right now. Every presumption that your marketplace rests upon is being upended by kids - scattered-yet-organized kids. They are killing your business in their spare time - not because they hate you, but because they love you.

What are you going to do to respond? How much of that love can you survive?

The answers come from strategy. Strategy was never more important to you than it is right now.  In legacy industries, questions of strategy may not have been seriously looked at for decades. Wake up. That's over. Project 22 helps legacy business be here tomorrow.

Welcome to Project 22.

Project22 spotlights the lasting changes to legacy business and leaves the hype in the background. We cover User-Generated Content, Collective Intelligence, Micro-Sharing, Tagging, Flow Applications, RSS, News Aggregators, Twitter, Lifestreaming, Blogs, Wikis, Facebook, MySpace, Ubiquity, The Semantic Web, and Blogging just for a start.

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Chicago-area startups piggybacking on social media for new product concepts —

16 December, 2009, 3:54 pm

Chicago-area startups piggybacking on social media for new product concepts — Posted using ShareThis

Economic Slowdown Or Historic Breakdown?

9 April, 2009, 6:13 pm

As the country waits for the economic downturn to pass, some describe the economy as an engine with gears, slowed down for now, waiting for lubrication (in the form of credit).  When the machinery gets what it’s been missing for the last few years, some say it will get back to spinning at its previous […]

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